About Us

My name is Dr Sonal Bhavsar, I am qualified Ayurvedic doctor who is passionate about the Ayurvedic lifestyle, Yoga and Meditaton. I created Indived Ayurvedic & Holistic Therapy centre to offer an Ayurvedic approach to life as well as promote a healthy life style. Through continuous study and research, I came to the conclusion that Ayurvedic medicine is under-utilised in today’s society, therefore, by creating Indived Ayurvedic Centre, I hope to correct the inbalance and improve the lives of my clients. 

Indived Timeline

Infomation about indived, introducing the audience to the development from the doctors time at university to the creation of indived.

  • Year: 1994-1998

    [The Creation Dr Sonal Adyrvedic and Alternative Therapy Centre]

    I started from home then and played a vital role as within the Ayurvedic Alternative therapy’s self help group as an admin assistant to the committee and actively promoted a healthy lifestyle within the Leicestershire community. Local council project called “Naari Lets” promising and exchanging skills with women through relief rather than currency, Dr Sonal took part in many workshops.

  • Year: 1999-2001

    [Investor in People Award]

    Dr Sonal moved the practice to another premises at Catherin street. We received the investor in people award at the clinic and a ceremony was held at walker stadium to commemorate the event. Training program was created which handled over 50 students providing a beginners knowlage in beauty, holistic therapies and Ayurvedic courses as a stepping stone for students to start a career or move onto further study.

  • Year: 2002-2007

    [Researched and raised awareness of Ayurvedic medicine]

    Dr Sonal wrote article about Ayurvedic medicine in “Ame Gujarati” published by Gujarat Hindu association Leicester, as well as appearing on BBC Leicester radio on MATV a local talk show. Products were displayed on GMTV by Lorraine Kelly. whist conducting workshops Leicestershire promoting the use of Ayurvedic medicine.

  • Year: 2008

    [Creation of the Indived Ayurvedic and Holistic Therapy Centre]

    After having an extensive impact on the community and seeing a need for a Ayurvedic and Holistic Therapy within the community I created the Indived clinic which provided a much needed outlet for Holistic medicine.

  • Year: 2009 - 2017

    [Ongoing Success]

    After moving from Doncaster road clinic to Birstall the Indived clinic has continued to provide an ever improving level of care to the community and whist investing in the community it has set up several projects including : Diabetes self-help group.