Ayurvedic & Holistic Treatments

Below is a list of the Ayurvedic & Holistic treatments avaliable at the Indived clinic.


Price: £70.00

Duration: (60 miniutes) - (FIRST 15 MINIUTES FREE)

Ayurvedic consultation takes places prior to the treatment to help to diagnose and designthe treatment for the patient. Consultation includes blood pressure, pulse,weight, height, ayurvedic pulse, past and present diet and medical history. Youreceive an explanation of what type you are according to the system of Vata, Pita, and Kafa in Ayurveda.

Food Intolerance Test - (Vega Testing) 

Price: £40.00

Duration: (60 miniutes)

Vega testing is one of the latest developments in food sensitivity and intolerance testing. It measures changes in body resistence. The test is painless and non-invasive (No blood is taken).


Price: £35.00

Duration: (60 miniutes)

Using aromatherapy to clear the mind and body of toxins which build up over time, this involves using essecial oils and essences to help the body relax.

Back Massage

Price: £20.00

Duration: (35 miniutes)

Are you tired all the time? A body massage with essential oils relaxes you holistically in body, mind and spirit.

Hopi Ear Candle

Price: £25.00

Duration: (60 miniutes)

This organic safe treatment helps to eliminate waste from the ear and helps reduce upper body toxins. It includes facial oil massage and pressure points. It is very effective for people with ear and sleeping problems.


Price: £35.00

Duration: (60 miniutes)

Foot Massage involves specific pressure techniques that work on reflex that work on reflex involves specific pressure techniques that work on reflex points of thefeet, which corresponds to all parts of the body.