Beauty Treatments

Below is a list of the beauty treatments avaliable at the Indived clinic.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Price: £9.00

Duration: (20 miniutes +)

Eyebrow tinting creates more definition and apperance of longer lashes.

Facials - Ayurvedic Stress Relieving

Price: £35.00

Duration: (20 miniutes +)

Enqire for other facials, the purpose of facials is to relax and moisturise the the skin leaving you feeling refreshed.


Price: £4.00 - £12.00

Duration: (60 miniutes +)

This treatment is split into different areas including Full leg, Half Leg, Bikini Line, Full Arms, Half Arms, Under The Arms.


Price: £1.50 - £13.00

Duration: (30 miniutes + or -)

This treatment is split into different areas including Upper Lip, Full Face Threading, Eyebrow Threading. this treatment involves the removal of hair using an asian and middle eastern tequnique.


Price: £7.00

Duration: (30 miniutes +)

Full Face Bleaching is where a cream is used to lighten the pigment of the skin whist having many benifical effects including reducing blemishes, creating softer skin and even reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Manicure and Pedicure

Price: £10.00 - £30.00

Duration: (35 miniutes + or -)

A Manicure and Pedicure invole specilised treament to the hands and feet which inclue nail styling, massage and nail filing.