Panchkarma Treatments

Below is a list of the Panchkarma treatments avaliable at the Indived clinic.


Price: £15.00

Duration: (20 miniutes)

Medicated oil dropped into each nostril to help to reduce Migraine, Sinusitis. Nasya isgood both for the eyes and for the brain.

Hurdi Basti 

Price: £35.00

Duration: (20 miniutes)

Ayurvedic medicated warm oil is placed around the heart area by securing with a special dough for heart disorders.

Basti (Enema)

Price: £50.00

Duration: (45-60 miniutes)

Ayurvedic medicated warm water or oil with a decoction of herbs given as a Basti (enema)to clean the colon and bring back the muscle tone. It helps to reduce constipation, chronic digestive disorders.


Price: £50.00

Duration: (60 miniutes)

Ayurvedic medicated oil is poured on the forehead, a great rejuvenating therapy helping to overcome stress and its ill effects on the nervous system.

Pinda Swedan + Snehan

Price: £50.00

Duration: (60 miniutes)

Snehana (massage) is done with Ayurvedic oil all over the body followed by warm potish massage to heal for arthritis and Paralysis and muscular disorder.

Indian Head Massage 

Price: £25.00

Duration: (35 miniutes)

A traditional way to reduce stress, pain and hair loss. Originally from India,where women used to head massages to keep their hair long, dark, shiny and healthy. It improves blood circulation and releases neck stiffness.